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Rosies Famous Bartender

"The Doctor is In"
Congratulations Dennis Loo. 30 years at Rosie's Cafe.

If you want answers, or the stories behind all the pieces, come visit Dr. Loo, the Rosie’s famous bartender for over 25 years. Be warned once he gets you started on our famous Ramos Fizz’s or Bloody Marys please arrange for transportation home. Dennis can tell a story like nobody else. Look forward to seeing you here at Rosies Café “A Tahoe Tradition”.

Welcome to Rosies Cafe

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Walking into Rosie’s Café in the heart of Tahoe City is like taking a step back in time. Each of the antique and vintage pieces, as well as the building each tells a story about Tahoe’s past.

Originally opened as a grocery store, the building itself has been providing Tahoe City residents and guests with year round dining since 1964. Every piece hanging in the restaurant has a unique story which offers traditional character to Rosie’s Café. The deer and elk chandeliers were brought from the Tahoe Tavern’s main dining room, a grand hotel on Tahoe’s west shore that housed guests from 1901 until 1964 when it burned down. According to bartender Dennis Loo, many of the other animal heads are “on loan to us from people who had them in their houses and their wives wouldn’t let them have them anymore.”

Adding to the history includes the 19th century ski paraphernalia, which of course couldn’t be left out in Tahoe. Lying in the rafters above the bar is the first cut of the “Big Tree”, a 120 year old Jefferson pine tree that served as the center (or stopping point) of Tahoe City before it was cut down in 1994. It is now a wood carving located a crossed the street.

In addition to all the animal trophies, and ski equipment, just as apparent are the numerous bikes, which include a 1951 Black Phantom Wizzer and a 19th century Penny Farthing.

Rosie’s Café owner has been adding to the antique collection since he bought the restaurant in 1989. One thing has remained the same: The café continues to be a family restaurant that offers a menu as eclectic as its décor to meet the tastes of all ages.

The Café’s objective is to fill the void between fine dining and fast food. “We want to cover everything, and be a friendly family restaurant” Loo said. The menu covers everything from salads, burgers, steak, pasta, seafood and vegetarian style dishes. We have also added pizza. As one of the only places on the lake that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner you are likely to satisfy your craving with one of our signature dishes.

Rosie’s has an upstairs game room to keep the kids entertained while the parents dine, so feel free to bring everyone! If you’d like to book a party in our upstairs room for rehearsal dinners, morning after brunches, kids, soccer or adult parties contact Deanne at (530)362-0625.